Serpent's Skull

5/3 Session

XP Gained   
  xp total per PC:840 
 Treasure Gained   
 known valueqtylocationitem
 388.601nest (pf37 y2)493 coins
  1nest (pf37 y2)mithral hook
  1nest (pf37 y2)brass sextant
  1nest (pf37 y2)buckler +1, styled with skull & crossbones
  1nest (pf37 y2)magical quiver
  20nest (pf37 y2)20 normal arrows
  9nest (pf37 y2)9 cold iron arrows
  7nest (pf37 y2)7 arrows +1
  2nest (pf37 y2)2 arrows +2
  1nest (pf37 y2)magical arrow
  1nest (pf37 y2)javelin of lightening
  1nest (pf37 y2)mwork comp longbow

July 2, 2065:

Batin appears finally cured of his lethargy and weakness brought about by the tropical steaming vapors of this wretched island.

Tirion, a fellow passenger believed to have died, wandered into the camp this morning, just as the party was being attacked by the terrifying Red Mountain Devil. Dispatching the ferocious beast, the party prepared to venture into the island once again. Upon leaving the camp, lightening forked the sky and thunder rolled across the island. Most ominously, the lightening appeared atop the Red Mountain.

Spending most of the day tracking through the island’s thick forest, the party wound up near the top of the mountain and figured out how to activate a portal by way of a profane ritual practiced by the ancients. The portal is riddled with runes and carvings depicting proper worship of Zura, a demon lord of cannibalism and vampires.

Inside the portal, the party was attacked by skeletons of serpentfolk, guarding an ancient temple. Their survival is in the balance.


Unless I’m horribly mistaken, we’re at around 4800xp right now – did I miss when we hit 3rd level? Have we hit third level?

Semblance may back out of the portal if possible – things are getting a bit heavy for our cowardly Halfling. In the mean-time, he talks with Tirion about the cleric’s home; how are Halfling rights? Has he heard of the Bellflower Network? Does he need Liberating?

5/3 Session

Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I show that total XP right now is 5032, so everyone is at 3rd level. To make things easy, let’s include Tirion in that as well.

We’ll finish the combat with the last remaining skeleton on Tues, then adjust tokens and carry on with the adventure.

5/3 Session

So…Make Tirion 3rd Level? k.

5/3 Session

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