Serpent's Skull

From the Top of the Lighthouse

I should have filled you in a bit on the surrounding geography.


When you were in the lighthouse, from the very top of the structure, it’s possible to see more of the island. I’ll still reveal the surface map normally, but here’s some things you should be aware of:

1) Most of the south-eastern portion of the island (the base of the ‘2’ that flares up towards the north) is a tall mountain, perhaps the tallest mount on Smuggler’s Shiv, whose bare rock has a distinctive reddish tint.

2) Over this mountain, you can catch a brief glimpse of some large-winged creature before it plunges down from the sky and down the ridge opposite your vantage point.

3) Due north, the island that’s vaguely shaped like a spear-head on your map, is a grey scar, in stark contrast to the lush green everywhere else.

4) Closer to the lighthouse, there’s another rotting shipwreck on the opposite side of the bay.

5) There’s a few other tall hills, to the north and north-east of the lighthouse, but none are as tall as the red mountain.



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