Serpent's Skull


Leaving the other castaways to fend for themselves, the party decided to attempt some overnight stays as they ventured further into Smuggler’s Shiv. At first, they followed the coastline.

Another shipwreck was found, and they actually managed to salvages a few badly needed supplies:

  • 10 arrows
  • 10 quarrels
  • 5 lbs of flour in a sealed barrel (adds 5 days to the stored food)
  • 12 gp
  • 1 small tent

They also ran into their first island native … a human being! However, this person had been corrupted some time ago by a vile fungal-like parasite. Why would this person have idled his existence, such as it was, at a deserted camp-site, staring unceasing with soulless eyes towards the infinite seas?

From the camp, a trail led into the island’s interior, and passage along the trail is much faster than trying to tear through the thick jungle undergrowth. However, the trail was trapped at several points, and our heroes fell prey a couple of times to wickedly devised snares. At the last one, they caught a short glimpse of another human being … with sun-reddened and painted skin but fair haired.

Food supply: 44 days
Batin: disease → Red Ache (-1 STR)

Camp Jobs:
Aerys Entertainer
Ishirou Guard
Jask Hunter
Sasha Hunter

I’d recommend having Jask now work as a Medic, since you seem OK on the food for awhile.



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