Serpent's Skull

Last Session

I hope you enjoyed the chase encounter. I used an optional ruleset from a 3rd party publisher to help resolve the action. I don’t have the supplement in front of me, but you can find it on Paizo under ‘skill challenges’.

I also apologize if the transition was terribly jarring. The encounter with Yarzoth wasn’t quite finished, but at the same time, it felt to me like we needed to keep things moving and get to the next stage of the adventure.

I’ll post a follow-up soon, to give you a better feel for this strange, exotic city in which you find yourselves, the furor over your recent discovery, and you just find run into a few more familiar faces!

I’m listing XP for both 6/7 and 7/12 under 1 lump sum:

Session: 06/07/2011
Total XP 8140
XP per PC 1628
Total PCs 5

06/07/2011 1Yarzothpotion of water breathing
06/07/2011 2Yarzothscroll of augury
06/07/2011 1Yarzothscroll of comprehend languages
06/07/2011 1Yarzothscroll of find traps
06/07/2011 2Yarzothscroll of lesser restoration
06/07/2011 1Yarzothscroll of remove disease
06/07/2011 1Yarzothring of mind shielding
06/07/2011 1Yarzothunholy symbol of Ydersius
06/07/2011 1Yarzothwaterproof scroll tube (holds up to 20 scrolls)
06/07/20111801Yarzoth18 pp


Might be in a bit late tonight

Last Session

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