Serpent's Skull

Visits From Fellow Castaways

After a grueling day of securing supplies and huddling over old maps and notes with Gelick and Amivor Glaur of the Pathfinders, you are relaxing over dinner in your inn’s common room. A hooded figure strides across the room and through the throng of patrons, and stands in front of your table. Taking off his hood, you’re surprised to see Ishirou alive and well once again. After customary greetings, he announces:

“My friends, the Aspis Corporation wants your help, help only you can provide. We are willing to reward you richly. We know that you conspire with the Pathfinder Society, but you should know that only Aspis will pay you what you are truly worth and will equip you with the tools you desperately need.

“The jungle is a most dangerous place, and Eleder can be even more so. Think carefully before you work another day with the Pathfinders. When can we meet to discuss our offer in more detail?”

Trudging to your rooms that night, you find a crimson parchment that had been slid under the door. The document is folded neatly in half, with script in thick black ink on the inside, written with a lady’s penmanship.

“My friends,

This is a most dangerous time for you. A wrong choice could prove ill, but we share identical goals. The Red Mantis will let nothing get in our way of finding this lost city, and it would be wise of you to join our efforts instead of opposing them.

Look for me in this inn tomorrow night. For the moment, you may refer to me as your loyal friend,




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