Serpent's Skull

While in Eleder, a Bit of Background

In ages past, the Azlanti hero Savith led an army to Garund. Many decades after the founding of Saventh-Yhi (“Savith’s Grave”), cultists of Zura, the demon lord of vampires, were banished from that city for their dangerous beliefs. Fleeing to the island of Smuggler’s Shiv, these cultists became vampires and plotted a return to their homeland to spread Zura’s worship and their curse of vampirism to their former brethren. Unfortunately for them, the magical wards surrounding Saventh-Yhi kept them from simply retracing their steps. Thus, they planned to enter the city through a small Azlanti outpost named Tazion, where they could use Savith’s original magical map to find the “back door” into Saventh-Yhi. Before their plans could be realized, however, Earthfall struck. The cultists died before they could reach the city, and Saventh-Yhi fell soon after as well, becoming one of the Mwangi Expanse’s most famous lost cities. Thus has Saventh-Yhi existed for millennia, abandoned, ruined, and magically hidden from the rest of the world.

Outside the wards cloaking Saventh-Yhi, however, the ancient bastion of Tazion still stands, and clues left on Smuggler’s Shiv point the way to this crumbling Azlanti ruin. And though some have discovered the ruins of Tazion, none have yet realized the true nature of the secrets held within its walls. Saventh-Yhi has long captured the imaginations of explorers, treasure-hunters, and adventurers. At the moment, the city of Eleder is electrified by the news that Saventh-Yhi can finally be found.

Thanks to Gelik’s discovery, word has spread very fast. Already, several powerful factions are in the midst of preparations for their own searches including the Pathfinder Society, the Red Mantis, and the Sargavan government, among others.



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