Serpent's Skull

XP & Treasure for 8/16

XP: 2160 per player. Each player should (correct me if I’m wrong) go up to level 5 now.

From Umagro:

Masterwork kukri
Kukri +1
Masterwork breastplate
amulet of natural armor +1

The other insurgents were armed with crude clubs and bows, plus crudely made hide armor. There is nothing else of value in the whaling company. The town watch soon arrives, asking questions and thanking you for your bravery.

A tough looking fellow, smartly attired in colonial military garb, strides forward into the company’s grounds, looking for you. “Gentlemen, I am General Havelar, and I come on behalf of Lord Utilinus. I understand we have some common interests, and that you’re delayed in leaving Eleder. I can help you, and that’s not all I can do for you. I understand you’re friends with a priest from your voyage to our fine city?”


Hmmm… Unless someone wants it, I could do with having 24 AC. It’s not a priority though, and the monk might find more use from it.

As usual, I let the others do the talking – 7 charisma doesn’t make me very good at making friends. Though of course, I might offer a choice selection of fine insults, if it’s deemed necessary.

XP & Treasure for 8/16

Do you guys remember which factions we’ve been approached by so far? I know the pathfinders (which I don’t mind working with) and Red Mantis (Who I think will be likely to try and kill us whether or not we work with them-so no), but what were the others?

Also, I wouldn’t mind the AC boost since I can’t wear armor, but if Batin needs it he can use it and I might ask him to use a wand of mage armor that I buy (though I did have my eye on it).

I’ll also greet the general.

XP & Treasure for 8/16

Anyone else have an opinion on which faction we should align with?

XP & Treasure for 8/16


General Havelar: Your friend is named ‘Jask’ I believe, yes? He was a prisoner aboard the Jenivere’s last voyage, on his way to Eleder. Upon arrival, he was re-arrested several days ago. He says you fellows can vouch for his innocence.

Personally, I believe he is innocent, but of course there’s no proof. But, if you lead our expedition to the lost city, and get us there before anyone else, Jask will be a free man. Gentlemen, the government of Sargava wants the lost city of Saventh-Yhi, and it wants you personally to find it. Otherwise … things could get unpleasant for your friend.

XP & Treasure for 8/16

Davor: What is this man accused of?

XP & Treasure for 8/16

Background (your companions who were shipwrecked on Smuggler’s Shiv would remember this): Jask claimed he was framed for corruption by the Capts of the Free Shackles. After asking his superior about the evidence he accidentally uncovered, Jask was framed for this corruption and the Sargavan government hunted him down.

Again … this was Jask’s side of the story.

XP & Treasure for 8/16

How are the thunder bird eggs doing in semblance’s pack? Can we ride those when they grow up? Because that would be awesome.

XP & Treasure for 8/16

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