Serpent's Skull

4/19 Session

XP Gained   
 xp total per PC:720 
Treasure Gained   
known valueqtylocationitem

Both items from Nylithati emit magical auras. Are you gonna take 10 or roll for Spellcraft checks on these?

Also, I’ve upgraded to Maptool b86.

4/19 Quick Note

Go ahead and get some replies going about what you’re next steps are. Crusher is hurt pretty bad, but he’s stable. So, if it takes 8 hours of rest to heal 1 hp … he’s gonna be below 0 hp for a few days. Amras isn’t quite so hurt, so he’ll be up and about much sooner.

How will you guard your wounded party members? Remember you’re 60’ down a hole in the ground below the Thrunefang tribal home. Do you have enough light to last? I’ll assume you’ve got enough food … that you carried X days of food from camp when you left.

4/12: Summary [EDITED]


These savages, self-styled as the Thrunefang Tribe, put up a terrific resistance to the invasion of our heroes. Undaunted by their fury, our heroes waded into the battle, and defeated their feral foes. Even the magics of Malikadna, the tribe’s witch doctor, were of little effect.


Storming the light house, the PCs caught the chieftan and his men by surprise, and Batin stunned the chief with a potent be-dazzlement. After that, victory was relatively simple and thus ended the bloody reign of the cannibalistic Thrunefang Tribe of Smuggler’s Shiv.


And, assuming you’re all scouting out the campsite after the battle, here’s some additional notes on the lighthouse:

The Light: It appears that the lighthouse top wasn’t finished for some reason, but there is still a massive bronze reflector and other machinery which could be assembled. It might take 4 or 5 days to get it together .. maybe less. You know that, based on the maps you recovered from the Jenivere, there are shipping lanes to the southwest of your position. Such a light as from this structure should be visible from those lanes.

Guest room: A more careful search of the room where the remains of meals from Jenivere turns up a surprise. Under the bed lies one of the scarves you saw the scholar Ieana wear.

Chieftan’s Den: Intricate drawings in the cheieftain’s chamber show a variety of rituals, such as prepping defeated foes for a meal. One series of drawing is different: it’s of the dead with their souls drifting through the air and falling down into the afterlife. The location of the afterlife is interesting … the portal is tied to the lighthouse, as if the dead slip under the lighthouse and receive their eternal rewards. The portal itself looks like a physical object … some kind of circular door made of woven vines and bamboo.
[EDIT} Found in the same battered footlocker as the coin treasure, lies an old document, from a ship that likely wrecked on these coasts, the Thrune’s Fang. Hence, the tribe’s name. The document was simply the payroll for the ship, but was likely treasured as being of some mythical importance by the tribe. Interestingly, there is a name of a passenger on this ship, a female priest called Nylithati.

XP & Treasure for 4/12

xp total per PC: 1,172
value qty location item

? 15 cannibals pearl amulet
50 50 cannibals javelin
45 15 cannibals shields, light wooden
0 1 Malikadna quarterstaff
? 1 Malikadna wand of vampiric touch
7 1 Klorak shield, heavy wooden
? 1 Klorak scimitar +1
? 1 Klorak red pearl amulet
600 1 Klorak 4380 coins from battered chest

102 gp total

I’ll need some appraisal checks for anything with a question mark in the ‘known value’ for stuff you want to sell. But, there’s no rush on this, unless you can find a small town or some kind of merchant’s shop again.

XP Gained [updated]

For the 3/15 & 3/22 sessions, I’m showing total XP earned:

XP / Character 2,100

This is your 2nd XP award. You should be getting close to gaining a level.

UPDATE – I forgot 1 monster from last session, which bumps this up another 50 per player.


Leaving the other castaways to fend for themselves, the party decided to attempt some overnight stays as they ventured further into Smuggler’s Shiv. At first, they followed the coastline.

Another shipwreck was found, and they actually managed to salvages a few badly needed supplies:

  • 10 arrows
  • 10 quarrels
  • 5 lbs of flour in a sealed barrel (adds 5 days to the stored food)
  • 12 gp
  • 1 small tent

They also ran into their first island native … a human being! However, this person had been corrupted some time ago by a vile fungal-like parasite. Why would this person have idled his existence, such as it was, at a deserted camp-site, staring unceasing with soulless eyes towards the infinite seas?

From the camp, a trail led into the island’s interior, and passage along the trail is much faster than trying to tear through the thick jungle undergrowth. However, the trail was trapped at several points, and our heroes fell prey a couple of times to wickedly devised snares. At the last one, they caught a short glimpse of another human being … with sun-reddened and painted skin but fair haired.

Food supply: 44 days
Batin: disease → Red Ache (-1 STR)

Camp Jobs:
Aerys Entertainer
Ishirou Guard
Jask Hunter
Sasha Hunter

I’d recommend having Jask now work as a Medic, since you seem OK on the food for awhile.

If you ladies are through braiding one another's hair ...

The party spent their first full day exploring Smuggler’s Shiv, and quickly ran into some of its deadly natives. Winged lizards, domorphodons, attacked the group and giant centipedes, apparently attracted by the food stores, tried to invade the campsite.

The party prevailed, even though the spirits of the rest of the castaways is beginning to droop. The incessant heat, rain and bugs is quickly taking a toll. Remembering Sasha’s fondness for predatory birds, Rauno recommended capturing a few of their babies, in the hopes of provoking a few smiles.

After 2 full days of exploration, the group has braved thorns, thickets, stony cliffs, and violent wildlife. A large portion of the island is now surveyed, but the recon has only shown how large and desolate this island really is. Another shipwreck was discovered … anything of value was long since stripped or rotted away. Perhaps our heroes will find a different fate than the poor crew of the Tattooed Lady.

Making Camp

Exploring the wreck of the Jenivere, the heroes managed to recover badly needed supplies, including enough food for about 2 days, along with many other mundane supplies and several restorative elixirs. The captain’s log was also illuminating and suggested that Captain Kovack suffered some kind of madness towards the end of the Jenivere’s doomed voyage. He was fixated on a fellow passenger, the Varisian scholar, Ieana.

Atlases and other records from the captain’s cabin shows that the group is stranded upon Smuggler’s Shiv, an infamous isle with a reputation for making shipwrecks, being haunted by undead and overrun with cannibals. The party also recovered the bodies of the ship’s cook and first mate, and properly buried them on the island.

Back on the isle, the other castaways busied themselves with building a fire and organizing some kind of camp. Supplies salvaged from the ship has made this task much easier, and was done just in time to cover all their gear from a drenching late-evening thunderstorm. Aerys spent the time under the canvas, darkly eyeing the rains and cradling a flagon of ale. Crusher joined her, quickly drinking himself into oblivion. You’ve noticed that the clouds of insects are greatly diminished when a roaring fire is going.

Freed of his bond, Jask volunteered to act as a hunter or medic for the camp. Even with the stores hauled from the ship, the food on hand won’t last long. Aerys tries to lift the camp’s spirits with some epic poetry she has written, which does seem to help distract everyone from this miserable sodden evening … if only she didn’t slur her words so! Ishirou volunteers to act as a guard; given his skill with a blade, the role seems to suit him. Plus, the job gives him some physical distance from Gelik’s withering sarcasm. Meanwhile, Sasha has fallen into bitter pessimism about your prospects, convinced that all of you are doomed.

At least Jask seems somewhat pleased with the situation, but his attitude could simply be pleasure of being freed from bondage. Ishirou is difficult to read with his stoic exterior. The other castaways seems outright frightened .. either jumping at shadows and every noise coming from the jungle, or like Aerys, consumed with fear she’s unable to entirely drown with drink.


  • block & tackle
  • 3 large canvas sheets (will help shade & repel rain)
  • 2 fishing nets
  • grappling hook
  • 2 bullseye lanterns
  • 12 flasks of lantern oil
  • 150’ hemp rope
  • pieces of lumber & various pulleys
  • 350 gp
  • bottle of fine brandy
  • keg of ale (already running very low, much to Aerys’ disappointment)
  • ship in a bottle of the Jenivere
  • 4 CLW
  • 1 CMW
  • 4 Lesser Restoration
  • 1 Remove Disease
  • 1 Water Breathing
  • 1 Water Walking

In addition, Jask’s equipment was on board. Can I assume you’re giving him his stuff?

  • 2 CLW
  • high quality dagger
  • leather armor
  • holy symbol of Nethys
  • spell component pouch w/ various elements

Game calendar:
Friday, June 26, 2065

XP (total for first 2 sessions):
560 per PC


We ran into some puzzling technical problems with Sype and Maptool last night, so we didn’t get very far into the adventure. But, here’s the highlights of last night:

1) The PCs awoke to find themselves, and several other passengers, shipwrecked on a tropical island!

2) The party was soon attacked by viscous sea scorpions rising out of the surf, but their carcasses may just serve as food.

So, who are the passengers stranded on this undiscovered beach? In addition to the PCs, the other passengers with you are:

  • Aerys Mavato
  • Gelik Aberwhinge
  • Ishirou
  • Jask Derindi
  • Sasha Nevah
So, where are you from?

The character sheets are trickling in! One item I need to know from each you of is this: from which port did you board the Jenivere? Very briefly, here’s the Jenivere’s ports of call, from north to south:

  • Magnimar
  • Kintargo
  • Pezzack
  • Corentyn
  • Ilizmagorti
  • Ollo
  • Quent
  • Port Peril
  • Bloodcove
  • Senghor
  • Eleder

Keep in mind, there’s specific campaign traits connected to these places. Feel free to choose an eligible trait for your PC when you pick a location. Either way, I really need to know which one of these cities you’re from. Your PC should have some connection to that port beyond just boarding a ship there. Maybe your PC lived in the city for the past couple of years or worked nearby or whatever. Just let me know as soon as you can.


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