Serpent's Skull

5/17 Session

After destroying the pulsating purple fungal pod, you notice a withering in the immediate area. Within minutes, the fungus surrounding you looks wilted and browned.

Session XP: 615

5/3 Session

XP Gained   
  xp total per PC:840 
 Treasure Gained   
 known valueqtylocationitem
 388.601nest (pf37 y2)493 coins
  1nest (pf37 y2)mithral hook
  1nest (pf37 y2)brass sextant
  1nest (pf37 y2)buckler +1, styled with skull & crossbones
  1nest (pf37 y2)magical quiver
  20nest (pf37 y2)20 normal arrows
  9nest (pf37 y2)9 cold iron arrows
  7nest (pf37 y2)7 arrows +1
  2nest (pf37 y2)2 arrows +2
  1nest (pf37 y2)magical arrow
  1nest (pf37 y2)javelin of lightening
  1nest (pf37 y2)mwork comp longbow

July 2, 2065:

Batin appears finally cured of his lethargy and weakness brought about by the tropical steaming vapors of this wretched island.

Tirion, a fellow passenger believed to have died, wandered into the camp this morning, just as the party was being attacked by the terrifying Red Mountain Devil. Dispatching the ferocious beast, the party prepared to venture into the island once again. Upon leaving the camp, lightening forked the sky and thunder rolled across the island. Most ominously, the lightening appeared atop the Red Mountain.

Spending most of the day tracking through the island’s thick forest, the party wound up near the top of the mountain and figured out how to activate a portal by way of a profane ritual practiced by the ancients. The portal is riddled with runes and carvings depicting proper worship of Zura, a demon lord of cannibalism and vampires.

Inside the portal, the party was attacked by skeletons of serpentfolk, guarding an ancient temple. Their survival is in the balance.

4/26 Session

XP per PC: 200

You all made a number of important finds, as you finished exploring the ruins beneath the tribal home.

A vast temple cathedral filled with shards of bone and festooned with images of serpents showed evidence of recent visitation. And, an inscription on a forgotten alter describes a forbidden ritual:


The party also followed another trail leading out from the camp and into the jungle. It ended at a cliff, draped with several knotted ropes, down to a calm bay of seawater cradling a nest of oysters.

That night, as the moon began its slow climb above the canopy blackened by dusk, a vast winged shape briefly blacked out overhead stars. Your fear is slow to fade after hearing its piercing cry.

From the Top of the Lighthouse

I should have filled you in a bit on the surrounding geography.


When you were in the lighthouse, from the very top of the structure, it’s possible to see more of the island. I’ll still reveal the surface map normally, but here’s some things you should be aware of:

1) Most of the south-eastern portion of the island (the base of the ‘2’ that flares up towards the north) is a tall mountain, perhaps the tallest mount on Smuggler’s Shiv, whose bare rock has a distinctive reddish tint.

2) Over this mountain, you can catch a brief glimpse of some large-winged creature before it plunges down from the sky and down the ridge opposite your vantage point.

3) Due north, the island that’s vaguely shaped like a spear-head on your map, is a grey scar, in stark contrast to the lush green everywhere else.

4) Closer to the lighthouse, there’s another rotting shipwreck on the opposite side of the bay.

5) There’s a few other tall hills, to the north and north-east of the lighthouse, but none are as tall as the red mountain.

4/19 Session

XP Gained   
 xp total per PC:720 
Treasure Gained   
known valueqtylocationitem

Both items from Nylithati emit magical auras. Are you gonna take 10 or roll for Spellcraft checks on these?

Also, I’ve upgraded to Maptool b86.

4/19 Quick Note

Go ahead and get some replies going about what you’re next steps are. Crusher is hurt pretty bad, but he’s stable. So, if it takes 8 hours of rest to heal 1 hp … he’s gonna be below 0 hp for a few days. Amras isn’t quite so hurt, so he’ll be up and about much sooner.

How will you guard your wounded party members? Remember you’re 60’ down a hole in the ground below the Thrunefang tribal home. Do you have enough light to last? I’ll assume you’ve got enough food … that you carried X days of food from camp when you left.

4/12: Summary [EDITED]


These savages, self-styled as the Thrunefang Tribe, put up a terrific resistance to the invasion of our heroes. Undaunted by their fury, our heroes waded into the battle, and defeated their feral foes. Even the magics of Malikadna, the tribe’s witch doctor, were of little effect.


Storming the light house, the PCs caught the chieftan and his men by surprise, and Batin stunned the chief with a potent be-dazzlement. After that, victory was relatively simple and thus ended the bloody reign of the cannibalistic Thrunefang Tribe of Smuggler’s Shiv.


And, assuming you’re all scouting out the campsite after the battle, here’s some additional notes on the lighthouse:

The Light: It appears that the lighthouse top wasn’t finished for some reason, but there is still a massive bronze reflector and other machinery which could be assembled. It might take 4 or 5 days to get it together .. maybe less. You know that, based on the maps you recovered from the Jenivere, there are shipping lanes to the southwest of your position. Such a light as from this structure should be visible from those lanes.

Guest room: A more careful search of the room where the remains of meals from Jenivere turns up a surprise. Under the bed lies one of the scarves you saw the scholar Ieana wear.

Chieftan’s Den: Intricate drawings in the cheieftain’s chamber show a variety of rituals, such as prepping defeated foes for a meal. One series of drawing is different: it’s of the dead with their souls drifting through the air and falling down into the afterlife. The location of the afterlife is interesting … the portal is tied to the lighthouse, as if the dead slip under the lighthouse and receive their eternal rewards. The portal itself looks like a physical object … some kind of circular door made of woven vines and bamboo.
[EDIT} Found in the same battered footlocker as the coin treasure, lies an old document, from a ship that likely wrecked on these coasts, the Thrune’s Fang. Hence, the tribe’s name. The document was simply the payroll for the ship, but was likely treasured as being of some mythical importance by the tribe. Interestingly, there is a name of a passenger on this ship, a female priest called Nylithati.

XP & Treasure for 4/12

xp total per PC: 1,172
value qty location item

? 15 cannibals pearl amulet
50 50 cannibals javelin
45 15 cannibals shields, light wooden
0 1 Malikadna quarterstaff
? 1 Malikadna wand of vampiric touch
7 1 Klorak shield, heavy wooden
? 1 Klorak scimitar +1
? 1 Klorak red pearl amulet
600 1 Klorak 4380 coins from battered chest

102 gp total

I’ll need some appraisal checks for anything with a question mark in the ‘known value’ for stuff you want to sell. But, there’s no rush on this, unless you can find a small town or some kind of merchant’s shop again.

XP Gained [updated]

For the 3/15 & 3/22 sessions, I’m showing total XP earned:

XP / Character 2,100

This is your 2nd XP award. You should be getting close to gaining a level.

UPDATE – I forgot 1 monster from last session, which bumps this up another 50 per player.


Leaving the other castaways to fend for themselves, the party decided to attempt some overnight stays as they ventured further into Smuggler’s Shiv. At first, they followed the coastline.

Another shipwreck was found, and they actually managed to salvages a few badly needed supplies:

  • 10 arrows
  • 10 quarrels
  • 5 lbs of flour in a sealed barrel (adds 5 days to the stored food)
  • 12 gp
  • 1 small tent

They also ran into their first island native … a human being! However, this person had been corrupted some time ago by a vile fungal-like parasite. Why would this person have idled his existence, such as it was, at a deserted camp-site, staring unceasing with soulless eyes towards the infinite seas?

From the camp, a trail led into the island’s interior, and passage along the trail is much faster than trying to tear through the thick jungle undergrowth. However, the trail was trapped at several points, and our heroes fell prey a couple of times to wickedly devised snares. At the last one, they caught a short glimpse of another human being … with sun-reddened and painted skin but fair haired.

Food supply: 44 days
Batin: disease → Red Ache (-1 STR)

Camp Jobs:
Aerys Entertainer
Ishirou Guard
Jask Hunter
Sasha Hunter

I’d recommend having Jask now work as a Medic, since you seem OK on the food for awhile.


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