Serpent's Skull

XP & Treasure for 8/23


4 Giant Eggs
1 Spyglass … broken/battered


1350 (excluding Dornin who was absent)

XP & Treasure for 8/16

XP: 2160 per player. Each player should (correct me if I’m wrong) go up to level 5 now.

From Umagro:

Masterwork kukri
Kukri +1
Masterwork breastplate
amulet of natural armor +1

The other insurgents were armed with crude clubs and bows, plus crudely made hide armor. There is nothing else of value in the whaling company. The town watch soon arrives, asking questions and thanking you for your bravery.

A tough looking fellow, smartly attired in colonial military garb, strides forward into the company’s grounds, looking for you. “Gentlemen, I am General Havelar, and I come on behalf of Lord Utilinus. I understand we have some common interests, and that you’re delayed in leaving Eleder. I can help you, and that’s not all I can do for you. I understand you’re friends with a priest from your voyage to our fine city?”

Visits From Fellow Castaways

After a grueling day of securing supplies and huddling over old maps and notes with Gelick and Amivor Glaur of the Pathfinders, you are relaxing over dinner in your inn’s common room. A hooded figure strides across the room and through the throng of patrons, and stands in front of your table. Taking off his hood, you’re surprised to see Ishirou alive and well once again. After customary greetings, he announces:

“My friends, the Aspis Corporation wants your help, help only you can provide. We are willing to reward you richly. We know that you conspire with the Pathfinder Society, but you should know that only Aspis will pay you what you are truly worth and will equip you with the tools you desperately need.

“The jungle is a most dangerous place, and Eleder can be even more so. Think carefully before you work another day with the Pathfinders. When can we meet to discuss our offer in more detail?”

Trudging to your rooms that night, you find a crimson parchment that had been slid under the door. The document is folded neatly in half, with script in thick black ink on the inside, written with a lady’s penmanship.

“My friends,

This is a most dangerous time for you. A wrong choice could prove ill, but we share identical goals. The Red Mantis will let nothing get in our way of finding this lost city, and it would be wise of you to join our efforts instead of opposing them.

Look for me in this inn tomorrow night. For the moment, you may refer to me as your loyal friend,


While in Eleder, a Bit of Background

In ages past, the Azlanti hero Savith led an army to Garund. Many decades after the founding of Saventh-Yhi (“Savith’s Grave”), cultists of Zura, the demon lord of vampires, were banished from that city for their dangerous beliefs. Fleeing to the island of Smuggler’s Shiv, these cultists became vampires and plotted a return to their homeland to spread Zura’s worship and their curse of vampirism to their former brethren. Unfortunately for them, the magical wards surrounding Saventh-Yhi kept them from simply retracing their steps. Thus, they planned to enter the city through a small Azlanti outpost named Tazion, where they could use Savith’s original magical map to find the “back door” into Saventh-Yhi. Before their plans could be realized, however, Earthfall struck. The cultists died before they could reach the city, and Saventh-Yhi fell soon after as well, becoming one of the Mwangi Expanse’s most famous lost cities. Thus has Saventh-Yhi existed for millennia, abandoned, ruined, and magically hidden from the rest of the world.

Outside the wards cloaking Saventh-Yhi, however, the ancient bastion of Tazion still stands, and clues left on Smuggler’s Shiv point the way to this crumbling Azlanti ruin. And though some have discovered the ruins of Tazion, none have yet realized the true nature of the secrets held within its walls. Saventh-Yhi has long captured the imaginations of explorers, treasure-hunters, and adventurers. At the moment, the city of Eleder is electrified by the news that Saventh-Yhi can finally be found.

Thanks to Gelik’s discovery, word has spread very fast. Already, several powerful factions are in the midst of preparations for their own searches including the Pathfinder Society, the Red Mantis, and the Sargavan government, among others.

Last Session

I hope you enjoyed the chase encounter. I used an optional ruleset from a 3rd party publisher to help resolve the action. I don’t have the supplement in front of me, but you can find it on Paizo under ‘skill challenges’.

I also apologize if the transition was terribly jarring. The encounter with Yarzoth wasn’t quite finished, but at the same time, it felt to me like we needed to keep things moving and get to the next stage of the adventure.

I’ll post a follow-up soon, to give you a better feel for this strange, exotic city in which you find yourselves, the furor over your recent discovery, and you just find run into a few more familiar faces!

I’m listing XP for both 6/7 and 7/12 under 1 lump sum:

Session: 06/07/2011
Total XP 8140
XP per PC 1628
Total PCs 5

06/07/2011 1Yarzothpotion of water breathing
06/07/2011 2Yarzothscroll of augury
06/07/2011 1Yarzothscroll of comprehend languages
06/07/2011 1Yarzothscroll of find traps
06/07/2011 2Yarzothscroll of lesser restoration
06/07/2011 1Yarzothscroll of remove disease
06/07/2011 1Yarzothring of mind shielding
06/07/2011 1Yarzothunholy symbol of Ydersius
06/07/2011 1Yarzothwaterproof scroll tube (holds up to 20 scrolls)
06/07/20111801Yarzoth18 pp

What now from here?

I’d like to gauge interest in continuing this campaign. It’s been such a long lapse, I completely understand if some/all of you have moved on, joined other games, etc. However, if not and if you’re still interested, I’ll be happy to fire things up again.

Just let me know, by either replying here or via our group chat on Skype.

5/17 Session

After destroying the pulsating purple fungal pod, you notice a withering in the immediate area. Within minutes, the fungus surrounding you looks wilted and browned.

Session XP: 615

5/3 Session

XP Gained   
  xp total per PC:840 
 Treasure Gained   
 known valueqtylocationitem
 388.601nest (pf37 y2)493 coins
  1nest (pf37 y2)mithral hook
  1nest (pf37 y2)brass sextant
  1nest (pf37 y2)buckler +1, styled with skull & crossbones
  1nest (pf37 y2)magical quiver
  20nest (pf37 y2)20 normal arrows
  9nest (pf37 y2)9 cold iron arrows
  7nest (pf37 y2)7 arrows +1
  2nest (pf37 y2)2 arrows +2
  1nest (pf37 y2)magical arrow
  1nest (pf37 y2)javelin of lightening
  1nest (pf37 y2)mwork comp longbow

July 2, 2065:

Batin appears finally cured of his lethargy and weakness brought about by the tropical steaming vapors of this wretched island.

Tirion, a fellow passenger believed to have died, wandered into the camp this morning, just as the party was being attacked by the terrifying Red Mountain Devil. Dispatching the ferocious beast, the party prepared to venture into the island once again. Upon leaving the camp, lightening forked the sky and thunder rolled across the island. Most ominously, the lightening appeared atop the Red Mountain.

Spending most of the day tracking through the island’s thick forest, the party wound up near the top of the mountain and figured out how to activate a portal by way of a profane ritual practiced by the ancients. The portal is riddled with runes and carvings depicting proper worship of Zura, a demon lord of cannibalism and vampires.

Inside the portal, the party was attacked by skeletons of serpentfolk, guarding an ancient temple. Their survival is in the balance.

4/26 Session

XP per PC: 200

You all made a number of important finds, as you finished exploring the ruins beneath the tribal home.

A vast temple cathedral filled with shards of bone and festooned with images of serpents showed evidence of recent visitation. And, an inscription on a forgotten alter describes a forbidden ritual:


The party also followed another trail leading out from the camp and into the jungle. It ended at a cliff, draped with several knotted ropes, down to a calm bay of seawater cradling a nest of oysters.

That night, as the moon began its slow climb above the canopy blackened by dusk, a vast winged shape briefly blacked out overhead stars. Your fear is slow to fade after hearing its piercing cry.

From the Top of the Lighthouse

I should have filled you in a bit on the surrounding geography.


When you were in the lighthouse, from the very top of the structure, it’s possible to see more of the island. I’ll still reveal the surface map normally, but here’s some things you should be aware of:

1) Most of the south-eastern portion of the island (the base of the ‘2’ that flares up towards the north) is a tall mountain, perhaps the tallest mount on Smuggler’s Shiv, whose bare rock has a distinctive reddish tint.

2) Over this mountain, you can catch a brief glimpse of some large-winged creature before it plunges down from the sky and down the ridge opposite your vantage point.

3) Due north, the island that’s vaguely shaped like a spear-head on your map, is a grey scar, in stark contrast to the lush green everywhere else.

4) Closer to the lighthouse, there’s another rotting shipwreck on the opposite side of the bay.

5) There’s a few other tall hills, to the north and north-east of the lighthouse, but none are as tall as the red mountain.


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